Momma’s Review Policy

I enjoy blogging fully.  I will blog things outside of my “style range”.  I find it a challenge and highly enjoyable to do so.  If I am an official blogger for a brand, I will follow their policies to the fullest extent of which they are presented.  If you would like me to review your item, please feel free to send me a picture of the item or link there to and an inworld IM with the name of the person I should contact to obtain the item if I should decide to blog it.  Once received, your item will be blogged and a notecard containing the blog link will be sent to you or the person you direct me to. 

I will refuse to review any items meeting the following criteria:

1.  contains sexually explicit, profane, derogatory, or otherwise offensive text, wording or symbolism.

2.  requires nudity.  I have a no nudity policy on this blog.  nipples and genitals must be, at the very least, obscured by fully opaque fabric or other material.

3.  is of poor quality.  I reserve the right to refuse any item that I feel is of poor quality.

4. is suspicious of copybotting  or copyright infringement, which includes real life brands, celebrities or personalities.

5. is off-season.  I will not blog holiday items, except in the specific holiday season.  i.e. I will not blog Christmas items at Easter, or Halloween items at Christmas.


I look forward to blogging your items and hope I can present them in a favorable light.

Thank you for your time!

Momma (JenJen Sommerfleck)

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