About Momma

Jenny Lyne Fralto 6.26.17a

I am Jenny aka JenJen Sommerfleck [Jenny Lyne Skytower], known to many as Momma.  I am a avid Second Life resident.  I enjoy SL fashion and shopping for everything.  I enjoy blogging, when I got my first sponsor way back in 2013, I screamed out a huge YAY!!  I took nearly a year and a half off from blogging as I got overwhelmed.  I am back and will be doing it for my pure enjoyment.  I truly hope you all enjoy what I do here!  I do hope I present the designer’s items in a favorable way.  If you see anything on my blog that could be better or just have some general advice for me, I openly welcome constructive criticism and advice!!!  With all that said, I give you Momma’s Style!  Please enjoy!

Buy, Sell, or Earn Second Life L$!

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