SLGBTA 2nd Annual Spread the Love Expo opens Feb 1st!!!

Hey folks!  Have I got something to tell you about!  Anyone who knows me, knows how close to my heart The Human Rights Campain and LGBT charities are!  The SLGBTA will open their Second Annual Spread the Love Expo tomorrow, February 1st!!  It opens at 3pm SLT!  Make sure you head over and check out the awesome designers exclusive items before the event ends on February 15th!!!

Until next time…

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The Spread the Love Expo 2015

Official Press Release:

The SLGBT Alliance is proud to present the Second Annual Spread the Love Expo: February 1st – 15th

Join us as 25 incredible supporting designers unite with *New* and *Exclusive* Items for this two week long event in efforts to raise money for The Human Rights Campaign!

What is the SLGBT Alliance?
The SLGBTA is a Second Life network of creators and community members. Our mission is not only to bring together the LGBT Communities of Second Life, but also to raise linden for various real life charities that promote and support the LGBT cause. Each event we host will benefit an alternating Real Life charity!

For more information about The Human Rights Campaign’s mission, click here.

For more information about The SLGBT Alliance visit:
SLGBT Website

The event opens at 3PM SLT February 1st:
Teleport to the event!

Supporting Designers:

by Chiana Oh
Deadly Mouse
.::Digital DeZines::.
EK Studio Project
!! Follow US !!
[ free bird ]
+Kitten Spunk+
Kitty Moon
~Mesh Glam~
.Off Your Rocker.
Second Rituelle
The Royal Spoon
The ScratchN Post
The Vintage Touch