Momma’s Sponsors

These are the talented and gracious sponsors for whom I blog on a regular basis.   Without sponsors like these, I would not be able to bring you the blogs posts that I do.  It is with deep gratitude and love that I blog the items of these designers.   I hope I present their creations in a way that is beneficial to their business.


[ bubble ] LOGO QUAD    cargo-logo-test-007    Delirium Style LOGO (0115)    

evenflow    ___insanya___ Logo 1x1


Logo !NFINITY    15708425245_78be3d936a_o    10527565_1450448008541576_345577375676533078_n    RealEvil Industries


GlamistryLogo    LivalleLogo


AMA    Dark Passions - DP Logo - 512 x 512 (With Product Text) 2    La Boheme Store Logo




Black Tulip (1_1)    Hopscotch Logo square 512_512    KaTink Logo BlueGreen    Signature Pose & ShiZZo Logo 2015

something new logo    Verocity Logo 2015


CIRCA Living - D-Blue Logo Dec 2012 (1024x1024)    timthumb        URBAN DAISIES LOGO    windsong

Former Sponsor [blogger group closed]

Mooh has a permanent spot here on my sponsor page, even though her blogger group is no longer in existance.  Mooh was my first sponsor and will always be here on my page.  Thank you Dal for giving me a chance!!  ❤


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